Know Us More

Who we are?

DotCoach CIC is a social enterprise and, through our brand Know You More, we develop young adults and early careerists taking the step into employment, enterprise and community development.

What we believe

At DotCoach, we believe that knowing who you are lies at the heart of success. It is the foundation when designing your future and is essential to developing the human skills necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment.


Grit        Purpose         Values         Emotional         Agility         Focus         Attention        Intuition         Feedback         Empathy         Awareness         Relationships         Meaning


How many early careerists have these out of the box?

How we do it

Together with our accredited, qualified, for-purpose coaches we partner with values-driven organisations focused on empowering their young workforce. Enabling them to identify and retain their young talent whilst developing them as leaders of the future. Click here to view our services.

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Social Impact Model

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), our social impact in the development of young adults is at the heart of we do. See how the delivery of our service is reinvested into living wage internships in the third sector.

Why we do it

To create a generation that think for themselves, know who they are and how to create their own space in the world. We want to invest in the future and have the pleasure in reinvesting our profits into living wage internships for young people.

Our Team

Kate Hesk

I am energised by building new things – metaphorically and literally. I have always enjoyed focussing on ‘getting things off the ground’. I believe in ‘build it and they will come’ and when I connect with someone on a vision I believe that dedication and positivity will enable it to manifest. Since my early life and now as a mother and adult I have had a focus on growth and continuous learning, agility and creativity for me and for those around me. Communication fascinates me and I am intrigued by human interaction whether verbal or non-verbal. People tell me that I am instinctive and very supportive – I see to the solution quickly and often make connections that others don’t see. Supporting others and making a difference either through direct actions or as a result of my efforts are my key values as are fairness and honesty. I believe people have all the answers they need and that in the right environment everyone has the potential to flourish and grow/ succeed even though they may not know it, to begin with.

Chirag Mehta

I am a chap with a few good friends rather than a large social circle. That is fine by me as an intimate cheese and wine night is just my cup of tea. That says a lot about me, and I’m definitely an introvert, a thoughtful one. If you want to get the best out of me, here is a secret, I am a do-er. I really enjoy doing and seeing ideas come to fruition. A firm believer in that there is only one way to find out. . . Over time, I’ve come to accept that nothing is ever a mistake. It is all learning and the courage comes from giving it a go. What is the worst that could happen? This didn’t come easily to me, however, and I still fall into the trap of analysis paralysis. But like any bad habit, it has surely worn thin. I have come to realise that this sometimes comes across as quite passive. I personally don’t let this get to me as I work with facts rather than assumptions, just like one of my passions, computer programming. Maybe I am turning into a cyborg. And I am happy with that!

Tim Mart

I love ideas. I know I am really strong at developing a vision and putting tonnes of energy into it to get it up and running. I’ll be forever connecting all the dots and bringing people together on it. That’s important to me, experiencing it together. A sense of harmony. But I do need that vision, I need to see it, it has to really connect and mean something to me. Another one of my strengths is gratitude and, being generally optimistic, I’m very vocal in my appreciation for people and my belief in what we can all achieve. It does leave me a bit awkward when someone pays me a compliment and I don’t function very naturally in forced social situations but I’ve learned and know how to make the most of them. Inclusivity and fairness are top of my values. I believe in knowing who you are, inside and out. The good the bad and the downright ugly and appreciating every part of it. For me, it really is the only way that you can design a purposeful life that makes you happy.

Our Partners

Why coaching?

Hi I’m Kate, co-founder of KYM. I designed the Know You More coaching framework. I would love to share how I think coaching can support you and your talent. Add your email below and I’ll be in touch.