Our Services

Supporting your programme objectives.

Our approach

We create deep self-learning experiences through our framework, awareness raising resources & tools and deliver it virtually through a community of 150+ professional, accredited and for-purpose coaches.

Customised Programme

Our service is flexible and versatile and can be tailored to you. How would you like to use it?

Early Careers

Accelerating the progress of those starting out. Equip your young talent with the human skills to grow and succeed in your organisation.


From the idea to the start-up to the leader. So vital is is the mindset of the young entrepreneur to getting a new exciting venture off of the ground.

Community Development

Trusting relationships and dedicated support are at the heart of breaking down barriers and making a positive change in the world.

Custom Programme

Our service is versatile enough to support any programme. Let us know how you would like to utilise our coaches!

Using our palette of services

1 to 1 Virtual Coaching

A dedicated 1 to 1 coaching experience to deepen the programme and self learning.

Group Coaching (Virtual)

Virtual group facilitation related to our agreed themes and outcomes of the programme.

Reflection Space

A physical or virtual space to review thoughts & progress whilst developing the habit of self reflection.

Impact Evaluation

Having agreed the outcomes & metrics that are important to you, we will evaluate the programmes and provide data & dashboards to illustrate overall impact.

Project Design

Let us take care of it. We will design an end-to-end learning experience, within your brief, budget, desired outcomes.

Programme Consulting

Being face to face with your community, we are able to provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve the overall experience.


Delivered through Coaches like…


“I am very passionate about working with young entrepreneurs, community leaders, graduates and social enterprises – supporting people who are striving to change their own world and the world around them for better.”


“I want to give people the opportunity to experience coaching in a way I never had. For my personal and professional development, I’m connecting with a different demographic to hone my skills and experience new perspectives.”


“I love people! What makes us tick really fascinates me… I feel the energy of others and I want to influence those who reach out. I think by changing one life at a time, we can change the world.”


“I love helping young people to identify their values and guiding principles and to take courageous leaps in making positive life choices and attaining their development goals.”

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The Power of the Portal

The Know You More Portal is the engine that powers the delivery of your coaching experience. We tune it to your organisations requirements and the portal does the rest.

With measurable / scalable results

We focus on outcomes through quality human conversations by combining technology with professional coaching. We work with you to evaluate outcomes via our online portal. Demonstrating the the individual, cultural and financial impact.


Case Study: Change Agents UK

1. Project Vision

Young adults making their difference in the World, successfully recruited within ethically-driven organisations with a sustainability-focus.

2. What we did

Together we identified when coaching would be most effective over a 12-month placement. We co-ordinate and deliver a virtual coaching experience for up to 70 Change Agents a year.

3. The Result

A dream partnership was created. Adding a professional service to their bow increased their credibility. Maximising potential in young people and making a bigger difference.

Who we’ve worked with

Let’s talk projects!

Hi I’m Chirag, co-founder of KYM. I’m behind the technical side of our service. If want to see what it can do for you, drop in your email address and I’ll share how it all works.