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Virtual Coaching.

Real Life Skills.

Get professional, qualified coaching, uniquely designed to equip your 18 to 30-year-olds with the soft essential skills to thrive in today’s world.

Developing the Future

With our community of qualified coaches, fully invested in supporting 18-30 year olds, we deliver virtual self learning experiences which stand alone or complement existing development programmes.

On programmes like yours

So you’ve built a well thought through, value generating development programme for your company. Now imagine a team of ‘for-purpose’ coaches who support, enable and empower. That’s what we do. We ensure everyone is on track, your young talent is developing and your programme is a success.


Programmes like theirs

“..we were impressed with the Know You More platform. It cleverly uses technology to create a more human experience.”

Ben Hilton
Director of Programmes

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

“Having a shared vision for what coaching can do for young people means we have the same goal – maximising potential and making a bigger difference.”

Marissa Watts
CEO at Change Agents UK

“The real litmus test is what the students thought. When you hear them say ‘This is like no classroom experience I’ve ever had.’ and ‘This is the best thing I’ve done.’ it gives me and the Bright Red Triangle team reassurance and confidence.”

Nick Fannin
Head of Bright Red Triangle
Edinburgh Napier University

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Lifelong skills

The Know You Canvas has been designed in collaboration with universities, employers and charities and illustrates the areas of development we focus on.

Within your budget

Our unique pricing system allows you to tailor the programme to you. This gives you flexibility to run your programme anywhere, anytime and also dramatically reduce your costs.

Impact you can shout about!

“I realised: You don’t do coaching because you are weak, but it’s like a sports person seeking a coach to get better.”

Stirling University Student

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“A good thing about [coaching] is I can do it almost anywhere. I could do it in the library or at home… I think overall it was positive.”

“Professional Skills Curriculum” Programme
St Andrew’s University

“I thought wow, you can change your perspective so much! [The coaches] help with how you approach a situation and the way you can resolve it as well.”

“Professional Skills Curriculum” Programme
St Andrew’s University

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Know More

Hi I’m Tim, co-founder of KYM. We did some research into the latest trends impacting the development of ‘early careerists.’ Pop in your email below and I’ll forward you the details and a link to our calendar to learn more.